Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Midnight Lovers

we danced as though on gossamer heels
i held her close to me,
i felt her hands upon my spine
her fingers wandered free.
we smiled and laughed and laughed some more
and spun like whirling tops,
the moonlight cast us silver soft
as starlight fell in drops.
we promised then a love to last
to last and forever more,
our passion rose in dark shades
shadows danced on the floor.
i took her hand and bent my knee
and asked her as my bride
to run with me with whispered words
forever by my side.
she smiled a smile of dazzling white
that set the stars to shame
and said although she loved but me
she could not share my name.
and as the starlight faded fast
and the sun bleached the sky
i saw my love in mortal flesh
revealed to my morning eye.
'ten years past have i been gone
now with my bones all dried,
that solemn winter stole from me
all breath and so i died'.
i screamed and ran from that ghostly face
as fast as i could run
and no more will i return to view
the glade hidden from the sun.

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