Thursday, 1 August 2013

Nothing Doesn't Exist

"Everything is nothing" is not the same as "Nothing is everything." Is it?
Anyway, I heard about a singularity, or some shit, supposedly opening up behind me, so I set my easel up and then turned around where I could get a sketch of it befo

A Pock Of Lips, 6"x8", acrylic on canvas panel. For Sale: 4 million*

*Anything, 4 million anything


kerosene said...

Love it.
Counting my *sses.

Anonymous said...


Thank you...

*sses will be just fine. ;-)

TICTAC said...

everything is something even if it's least in my head. i'm an optimist. :-)
4 million stars. i like the feeling!

Anonymous said...

So something is nothing?! Oh shit. Sorry, I'm still confused.

But thanks. 4 million stars! Consider it yours. ;-)

Aaron Held said...

This actually has a lot of ambiance to it I would like a whole room like this and just lay and dream of space.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. That's a great idea.