Saturday, 27 April 2013

A Test Broadcast from the Zone of Occupation/....

Addiction to Codeine Wars bruised and penetrated fuk low level probe
Erupts into the human carnage of strident dissonance waves for propulsion/
RomRok without mortal influence hits the worn out spike tract of ultra steps
thru the crypt of paradoxes and contradictions forgotten in his calm and inner wail
a fatal exposure to dogma of persistent and he will move forward
lost in the dark barren human relation to things that are no longer human
but Machinic high on the solitude of a digital dream/Human consciousness is
a vulgarity a surfeit of the space within identity as the sentiment of persuasion/
Soon eradicated drifting into a fugue state after inexorable insomnia
a night leaving no memories limits of pestilent irrevocable fact that
he has lived to long with degrading appliances which exist only
as a concept of receding surfaces between this moment and that memory/
Lost in the beauty of indifference to velocity of ganglion ligatures
burning marble drinks in silence penetrates into the scarred flesh of the masochist
flank the low voice of palpable steel heightened by logic of a difficult death
drawing her inwards as data trash collapses in to cloaked intruder
change in molecular structure to destroy data vehicles dark swamp
washes against her ankle /Junk apparatus end-codes velocity
The lies as inconsistency of wreckless speech causes mutated hologram
but the elements of meaning are not there and to generate
fear is the mark of the true conjurer and pain a form of domination of the flesh
the anti-aesthetics  of the one dissolved in terror of being separated by the rigor of words/
Abandoned nothing that seemed sedated this marvellous important thing called alienation
And unable to open and subjugate the impossible things transfigured her sorrow
called machinic amplified distress calls drowned out by blue violins falling in the sun/
A pathology of anomie eyes reflect nothing but the passage of seconds
cellular matrix under visceral techno beast short wave radio causes Disarmed Venus
dub the tracer void the reverse side of limit abruptly filled with digital information/
Protocol spasm is the sad disarray he reads and abandons himself to
words ignoring cycle of desire a language of nakid relations /
Paranoia infiltrated by celibacy of frozen terminals as receding surfaces to artifice of
auto erotic zone induces fatality and loss of desire to face the fact that
love is not addressed to the recluse/
Which of the senses will be the first to
inform the body of its death
Versus plots of vicious thought of molecules in a technology of momentary illusion
planned reflection and functional restrictions/Experience lives in a space
where mere reason is not enough
Lubricates glass muscle of modalities under alterity of solar anus/
the lawless state of revenge/
An equal pain whether she speaks or remains silent returns or leaves with sorrow
and constant reminder of the body of the Despot with its excesses of inhibition
and blatant posturing knife in her hand/
Auto Pilot engages remote control transit districts to the front line/
Retinal images leave prosthetic turmoil ball bearings crack on
the terminal glaze of the drive shafts and rhythms of obscure mobility
as shell blasted the column of narcotics free to invent a new language/
an absolute dereliction virtual nucleus of bruised wreckage/
Talk about the future in which we exist under hypodermic incisions/
Push the limit to reclining nude of sanctity florescent tubes hiss/
The autopsied corpse of a subject's final moment has no passion/
To transgress sex-engine that no longer exists as fear has replaced
 its perversity breathing metal dust that is never depleted/
Ignited by the rancour of diseased organs tracer void of
drug induced torpor riding on the swarms of disturbances and warnings/
Leaves imprints of War Machine dust of word blinds the heroism
of psychosis exploitation of poverty and psychiatric mythology/
Wired to the outside world thru which we inscribe ourselves/
Hatred finds its means of production and exchange within our own
flesh for we are a people of convoluted self expectations  and paranoia/
Transparent objects under surveillance watch electrons sordid glow/
Reality moves ahead in advance of your arrival as fractured occipital lobe
rising from the depth of the timeless world where the last of the last lose consciousness /
Cool memories of past time falling apart stare comatose at interval
of futures that prowl underneath the supports of critical reality
the tools of birthed extractions until data clogs the networks/
Sub-vocal dimensions of hidden appearances cause thin light crackle static neon
saturates preterite memory of carved bones/Can never tell you the truth now that
I understand yr strategy as the beginning of appropriation of thoughts/
The vanishing points of mental prohibition in place the hard wired circuit/
The machinic is language as information detached from the urgency of communication
Vindictive savagery suicide a selfless gesture not curious at all about death/


Russell Duffy said...

I feel confident when I write the stuff I like to create that what I have done is mine and good. I am happy with it as I know I am capable of producing that which brings me pleasure.
This work of yours makes me happy but I am incapable of ever writing such incredible stuff as this.

TICTAC said...

i like that reality moves ahead in advance of my takes time to get there, indeed.
beautiful piece.

Anonymous said...

Stunning and stimulating,like action painting with words. Impressive.